For some my friends who claim to follow the way of Jesus…

You already know Jesus clearly says “Don’t judge/condemn others”.
You already know he wants us to care for “the least of these”.
You already know he values peacemakers, the meek, the poor in spirit.
You already know he was kind to “sinners” and harsh with close-minded conservative religious folks.

So at what point does none of that matter?

At what point are you encouraged to slam those you disagree with?

At what point are you free to call them a piece of shit because they “took a knee”?

At what point are you led by the Spirit to call them idiots, assholes, worthless?

At what point are you cleared to create and post memes that insult and belittle anyone?

At what point are you OK with kids in cages crying in soiled diapers stripped from their families?

At what point are you fine with your own country committing the official definition of genocide? (look it up)

At what point exactly did you simply reject the way of Jesus and your role as an ambassador of the kingdom of God for mere nationalism?

Does Jesus actually matter?

Forget your imagined ticket to paradise
while others flail and scream in never-ending flames
because you affirmed some man-made doctrinal statement and they didn’t.
Your fictitious ticket has nothing to do
with actually doing what Jesus taught and lived.

So I ask again – does Jesus ACTUALLY matter?

If your response is to keep doing what you’re doing, then at least realize this:

– YOU are big part of why the label “Christian” is a culturally negative thing.

– Your hatred divides and destroys. Only love can build and restore.

There is a better way.

And there is one who actually lived it
and encouraged others to follow.

Perhaps you’ve heard of him…

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