What do you do when the teachings of Jesus resonate within you, but you can no longer trust human “authorities”? When you are compelled that the way Jesus taught to live is the best way to bring peace, harmony, “shalom” to the planet… but the religions built around his teachings leave you confused, cold, skeptical?

We have reached the point where, after taking the leap of faith into the arms of a trustworthy, dependable, loving God who has demonstrated his power and care more times than we can recount in ways only God could do, we now must take the leap of doubt – not doubting God at all, but questioning what men have for centuries (even millennia) claimed to be certain of. We are skeptical of the systems men have built, of the interpretations and implications they have placed on writings held sacred to them, and of the budgets, buildings, and costly staff who supposedly do “God’s work.”

We find that we can be totally certain of God and very connected to God without having to buy into what “Church, Inc.” says using its fear-based, shame-filled, guilt-encrusted sales tactics. While its strategies tend to mirror any other secular business, Jesus did not come to found a religion; men did that in spite of his good news.

Rather than buying into the product of “certainty” the church is selling, we’d rather be like Job who claims ignorance of the extent of God’s majesty and power and works and wonders. We’d rather simply be at peace with God than waste time trying to achieve and promote certainty about things which one can never truly be certain (and about which, in most cases, isn’t worth believing). God will not be put inside our little theological boxes.

Men build temples; God builds lives. Men collect; God gives. Men control; God frees. These notions might very well undermine religion, but they will never undermine true, real faith.

– Bob Young

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