Take a flying leap…

The Christian religion has historically promoted certainty for both this life and the afterlife. Adherents are taught to be confident about their current and eternal standing with God based on a perfect collection of writings inspired by God himself.

However, so many conflicting Christian “authorities” claim to have the only “right” perspective and interpretation of scripture. Splits have propagated thousands of subdivisions of Christianity, each with its own “correct” understanding of the holy text.

What do you do when the teachings of Jesus resonate within you, but you can no longer trust these human “authorities”? When you are compelled that the way Jesus taught to live is the best way to bring peace, harmony, “shalom” to the planet… but the religions built around his teachings leave you confused, cold, skeptical?

Maybe, like us, you once took a “leap of faith”, risking your life, property, and security into the very hands of God. And perhaps like us you even found that this was a risk worth taking – that God really did come through for you on these occasions in ways that proved to you definitively his care, control, and power, right down to the details and timing of your deliverance.

But maybe now you’re in a place to take a different kind of leap – not one away from God, but perhaps away from the structures and systems supposedly built around him. Maybe like us you’re ready to begin a pilgrimage through doubt that leads you follow Jesus while being at peace with ambiguity…as a “Jesus-following agnostic” taking the leap of doubt into the freedom of uncertainty.

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